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The mission of COCIC is to acquire properties in order to improve the quality of neighborhoods, increase property values and return unproductive properties to contributing, tax-paying status, and create diverse housing and business opportunities by leveraging resources to promote and facilitate the reclamation, rehabilitation and reutilization of vacant, abandoned, tax-foreclosed, or other real property in the County.
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COCIC is an equal opportunity employer. No applicant shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, color, age, gender, national origin, disability, or other criteria prohibited by the City, State or Federal law.

To qualify for a job, an applicant must meet the education, training, experience and any applicable license or certificate requirement for the job position. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide acceptable proof of their work record and history.

Open Positions:
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Support Assistant - Real Estate Development
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COCIC news

Creation of Central Ohio Community Land Trust

COCIC announces the creation of the Central Ohio Community Land Trust today. COCIC, supported by the County Treasurer's Office and the Franklin County Commissioners, serves as the Franklin County Land Bank, and will oversee the Trust as its subsidiary. Click here to learn more about the COCLT.

$180 Million and Growing: The Beneficial Impacts of the Land Banks of COCIC and the City of Columbus

A new study by the Greater Ohio Policy Center revealed that COCIC and the City of Columbus land banks generated $180 million in economic impact across Franklin County over the past five years. The study points to preservation of property values, land sales, and activity in disinvested neighborhoods as key land bank functions positively impacting the economy.



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The COCIC Franklin County Land Bank is a public authority dedicated to returning Franklin County’s vacant, abandoned and foreclosed properties to productive use. COCIC is committed to the elimination and prevention of hopelessly blighted, economically-stranded properties.